Vettel would Ask the Council at Schumacher

Феттель: Попросил бы совет у Шумахера

Sebastian Vettel would like to communicate with Michael Schumacher.

The pilot of the team Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel admitted that despite his experience in Formula 1, I would like to ask advice from Michael Schumacher, if he was healthy.

“If Michael was healthy, I would have definitely asked him for advice. This does not necessarily involve the control of the car, but rather what is happening outside of the race track. About the political games in Formula 1, the work within the team. He has a rich experience of performances for Ferrari, so he could help”, – quotes Vettel motorsport.nextgen.

Recall that Michael Schumacher is now being treated after an accident while skiing in 2013.

Earlier it was reported that Schumacher’s family moved to live in Spain.

According to the materials: