Viatrovych intend to revise the date of the founding of some cities

Вятрович намерен пересмотреть даты основания некоторых городов

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich

The head of the Institute of naramata wants to prove that a city in the South of Ukraine appeared before the arrival of the Russian Empire.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich said he would work to change the dates of founding of some Ukrainian cities, exploring the history of their founding. He told about it in interview to the Public.

As noted viatrovych, decommunization in Ukraine showed the layer of the Russian Imperial past, which the Russian Federation is actively using to promote the allegations, “the Ukrainians have never been, all the cities in the South there was only because there were Russian Empire.”

He stressed that does not offer to erase the history page on the establishment of settlements empresses or kings, and wants to examine it.

“The Dating of such cities as Odessa or Dnieper, is absolutely tied to the times of the Russian Empire, despite the fact that the same Dnepr, the same Odessa have a much longer history of existence before the coming of the Empire”, − said the head of the Institute of naramata.

However, he said that if a town created during the Imperial period some Russian military leader, “OK, let it stay.”

Earlier it was reported that over the past four years in Ukraine 52 changed thousands of toponyms as a result of de-communization.

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