Vice-President of the Carpathians called the sheep fans of the club

Вице-президент Карпат назвал овцами болельщиков клуба

Smalyuk, called those who support the team at home and not at the stadium.

Vice-President of the Carpathians Oleg Smalyuk on his page in Facebook said about the fans after the match of the Ukrainian championship Vorskla.

“The very important problem in the modern Carpathian mountains is the fans. Yesterday when the boys went into the game and saw the “real support”. Up to a thousand. Count how many seats the stadium, subtract how much it is and you will understand how Lviv sheep. Sheep do more than real fans.

And this at a time when young boys, who eyes were looking for your presence, really need your support. Know reviews on the Internet more than the support in the stadium. Dig from the sofa is always easier. This is Western Ukraine – will come out of the bushes, when we will be profitable.

Change of presidents, Vice-presidents, General managers and coaches, but you will always be a sheep until you die for your faith in the green-and-white heart. My respect to the fans, this kid and people who are not afraid of the rain to be a true green-white colour,” wrote Smalyuk.

Вице-президент Карпат назвал овцами болельщиков клуба

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