Vice-President of the Dynamo caught in a scandal, having offered the journalist a ticket to the Champions League final

Вице-президент Динамо попал в скандал, предложив журналисту билет на финал ЛЧ

Oleksiy Semenenko

Aleksey Semenenko promised a pass to the final in return for “positive material”.

Journalist Mykhailo Tkach addressed to the Vice-President of Dynamo Aleksei Semenenko for the comment about the night visits of Igor Surkis in the administration of the President of Ukraine.

Vice President and press officer of Dynamo said that Igor Mikhailovich went there to coordinate issues related to security and logistics at Dinamo Stadion im. Valery Lobanovsky during the women’s Champions League final.

During the conversation, Semenenko began to hint at the fact that the journalist will receive a ticket to the Champions League final between real Madrid and Liverpool, if you write “positive” material. Audio conversation, see “Circuit: corruption in detail, RFERL”.

Here is a transcript of the conversation (A. S. – Aleksey Semenenko, M. T. – Michael weaver).

A. S.: And what kind of material they are preparing? I just colleague to colleague asking.

M. T.: I understand. Just then we noticed several such cases and asked Mr. Igor and Mr. Grigory Surkis.

A. S.: I asked why. The same image of not only the President, right, and Dynamo Kiev and even country and so on. I am interested to this positive something was. Especially now that you know the context of the Champions League finals, in the context of a lot of things…

M. T.: We are interested in the objectivity of the material.

A. S.: Yes, that objective will be…

M. T.: So I decided to know your position.

A. S.: And basically, well, why don’t we make friends? We have a pool of journalists. If you do deal with this subject – I think you will be interested. We have the competition to begin. Well invite you cooperate with us. Just so I personally interested that this is a positive material was.

M. T.: But we want it to be objective. Thank you for the position.

A. S.: the objectivity of all interested. You going to the football game on the men’s UEFA Champions League final?

M. T.: No, don’t go.

A. S.: Well, please. Refer to FC Dynamo Kiev, enjoy the moment.

M. T.: Thank you, but I believe it will use my official position for personal gain, but I can’t afford it.

A. S.: So I came to you as an unofficial person. I said, as colleague to colleague? I already unofficially talking to you, so here’s the thing.

According to the materials: