Video 360° – virtual reality that changes the world

Видео 360° – виртуальная реальность, которая меняет мир

Video of full presence, videos and 360° panoramas every day more and more part of our lives. What new we get from this technology, and what is special about it.

Since the release of “the Matrix” the world has seriously interested in the idea of virtual reality. Few people would dare to repeat the feats of Neo, but at least one eye to look at the alternate Universe wanted everything.

360 degree video: the magic of modern technology

There is nothing supernatural in panoramic videos is not. Video immersive give the ability to control the angle of visualization. You decide where and what to look for. This is a huge step forward from standard video with one viewpoint selected by the operator.

BMW and Gigi Hadid: where else used spherical rollers?

Three-dimensional video initially caused a stir among advertisers. Marketers have seen in technology new opportunities to promote your business and products. The decision was correct, commercials in 3D, earned an unprecedented number of views on Youtube. The most successful steel video from BMW with Gigi Hadid, McDonald’s Angry Birds, Oreo, Nike, Samsung and others.

Видео 360° – виртуальная реальность, которая меняет мир



In Ukraine, too, used the technology of virtual reality. Presentation of apartments in the format of 360 practicing DOM.RIA. Thus it is possible to “visit” offered for sale, without leaving the chair, and to consider in detail all the features of the housing are not visible on conventional images.

Also technology is widely used to create virtual video tours to different parts of the globe. With video 360, anyone can go on a roller coaster, skydiving, swimming with sharks and even walk in space without leaving your home. You can even become a hero of a favorite movie, comic or computer game.

Many of Amateur clips of this format. So if you want to show the world your own virtual reality, it is also possible to arrange. Your video will surely get a lot of hits, as the format of 360° is now at its peak.

How it works: technical features

First panoramic video was created using six bi-directional action cameras. Received frames sewn together, forming a three-dimensional image. Technology stepped forward, giving humanity the lens with an increased degree of coverage (250 and 280 degrees) in Japan. To shoot three-dimensional videos has become much easier, because the panoramic view was able to provide only two cameras. Due to the fact that innovative pair of lenses gives a total of more than 360°, the rollers are now created without seams, but overlap.

Видео 360° – виртуальная реальность, которая меняет мир



Viewing three-dimensional video may be on different devices:

● computer (the angle changes with the cursor);

● smartphone (requires installation of special applications that allow you to control the camera by moving the phone in space);

● special VR gadgets.

The latter is the most interesting. Designed specifically for viewing three-dimensional video devices allow you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world. The simplest option is the Cardboard from Google. Cardboard glasses you can even collect on their own (scheme is easy to find online). Inside is inserted into the smartphone, and the side is attached to the magnet which operates a mobile application.

Connoisseurs still choose a more serious VR headset helmets and virtual reality goggles from Oculus and Samsung.

Thus, virtual reality is becoming more commonplace and more and more different spheres of our life.