Video Gontareva found inconsistencies and was accused of cheating

На видео Гонтаревой нашли нестыковки и обвинили в обмане

Valeria Gontareva you suspect of deception

The blogger pointed to the fact that above the hospital bed Gontareva write another name, and the devices are not connected to the network.

The former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, which a few days ago said that he had an accident in the UK, convicted of fraud. So, blogger Constantine Zazvonov on Friday, September 6, on his page on Facebook had pointed to certain inconsistencies in the video.

“Friends, please tell me why Gontareva took the bed of the other patient of the hospital, and why it devices not connected to the network? Or she have worked under a pseudonym?” – he wrote.

The Zazvonov also published screenshots from her video message, outlining to them the fact that in his opinion, indicates deception Gontareva.



Recall, 30 August Gontareva told reporters that he was in an accident in London, where she lives recently.

Before that, 5 and 22 August, Gontareva called on interrogation on the case of malpractice, but she never appeared and the cause was not reported. On 4 September it became known that the court allowed the RRG to forcibly deliver Gontareva in for questioning. And on 5 August she sends reporters a video in which being in a hospital room says that in the next four to five months will be forced to move around on crutches and a wheelchair. By the way, on the eve in Kiev burned the car belonging to the daughter-in-law Gontareva. Then the NBU Board seeks protection.

Hunting for Gontareva. What happened to the former head of the NBU

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