Video of fight on the arc Svetlodarsk removed from YouTube

Видео боя на Светлодарской дуге удалили из YouTube

The author claims that the video was put on YouTube his name is unknown.

YouTube has a video of the battle on the arc Svetlodarsk where, according to various estimates, killed several dozen people. Later the video was removed from the channel.

Thus on the Facebook page of the journalist partially confirmed specified for the video version of events.

Видео боя на Светлодарской дуге удалили из YouTube

A screenshot of the page of the journalist

Among other things, the Ked says that “the loss of tens”.

Later, the journalist left post, which denied any involvement in the video.

Previously his version of the incident published member of the DUK “Right sector” Olena Bilozerska. According to her, the Ukrainian army is advancing.

“Or I don’t understand this war, or this attack, the Ukrainian offensive. The liberation of our territories”, – she wrote in Facebook.

December 18, the press center of the ATO reported that the attack on the Ukrainian position was made by the separatists, killing five soldiers.

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