Video of the arrest of the driver, in Mukachevo gathered nearly 500 thousand views

Видео задержания водителя в Мукачево набрало почти 500 тысяч просмотров

The detention of the driver in Mukachevo

The man a few minutes, resisted the police officers.

The other day in the city of Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, on the Matrosov street patrol police detained the driver, whom they suspected of driving a car while intoxicated, reports М

However, this proved very difficult because the suspect resisted.

“The patrol interfered with by other witnesses of the incident, which apparently (at least some of them) were also in a state of alcoholic intoxication”, – writes the edition, published the video of the incident, which has already gained more than 400 thousand views.

On this fact the police opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 342 of the criminal code (resistance to representative of authority in the performance of his duties) and part 2 St. 345 criminal code (intentional infliction of a law enforcement Agency of a beating).

Attention, in the video there is obscene language!

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously a resident of Mukachevo was deprived of driving license for 62 years. From August 2016 on the man was 35 administrative reports, 16 of which are for driving under the influence. He was already fined for the sum about 300 thousand hryvnias.