Video test flight of the new An-178

Видео испытательного полета нового Ан-178

The plane rose into the air

The plane rose into the sky.

Latest Ukrainian transport aircraft an-178 completed another test flight, said the state enterprise “Antonov” on the page in Facebook.

There are also published the corresponding video.

“An-178 is equipped with engines D-436-148ФМ, today completed another test flight,” written under the video.

An−178 may work in various weather and climatic conditions, in particular at high temperatures and humidity; be based on airfields with different quality coating of the runways. The plane can be effectively used in logistic schemes, where you need to transport packaged goods, pallets, containers, including large marine C1. Moreover, this new plane with a carrying capacity of 15-18 tons, will be a modern replacement of the well-known in Ukraine An−12 and C−160.

As reported, the head of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Antonov” and companies from Saudi Arabia, Taqnia signed an agreement on cooperation for the organization in the Kingdom of the aircraft manufacturing complex.