Vilkul: Regions require the election of governors

Вилкул: Регионы требуют выборности губернаторов

The election of rukovoditelei on the ground supported by more than 30 parliamentary deputies

The election of the leadership and the mechanism of contract regions and the center will help to save the country, the MP said.

Deputy head of the faction Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul said that to save the country in its present composition will be possible through the institution of elected governors and the Contracting mechanism in the region with the center. He said this in the Parliament.

“The regions should also be the maximum humanitarian autonomy”, – he added. Earlier than 30 MPs have already put their signatures under the draft law on the election of governors.

“We have a clear programme for the empowerment of regions. This also applies to the maximum economic powers to money that was earned in the regions remained in these regions”, – noted Vilkul. In his opinion, the granting of sufficient authority regions will lead to stabilization of both economic and social situation in the country.

The MP believes that the centrifugal tendencies already noticeable in all regions, but Kiev does not want to see this. But, according to Vilkul, in order to save the country, “all the regions of Ukraine should obtain, in fact, significant powers in the economic sphere, in humanitarian and regarding the elections of local leadership.”

Earlier, the Kyiv and Cherkasy regional councils appealed to the President and the Verkhovna Rada with an appeal to initiate changes to the Constitution in support of gubernatorial elections. The need for agreements between Kiev and the regions have already spoken a number of members of Parliament.