Villains kinder. Doctors called the threat of kinokontrol

Злодеи добрее. Медики назвали угрозы кинокомиксов

Positive characters of the films about superheroes are on average more violent than the villains of these movies.

U.S. pediatricians issued a report, which States that the villains in superhero movies is actually not as dangerous as representatives of the forces of good.

Children and adolescents may perceive superheroes as positive characters, despite their aggressive behavior. The doctors tell us how to withstand the negative influence of such films on the immature minds. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The good guys hurt more bad

In recent years, the adaptation of comics and movies about superheroes are one of the most popular genres in the film industry. Their characters possess supernatural abilities and are designed to protect the world from evil, which usually come from outside, default is posing a threat.

Superheroes made to idealize, forgiving shortcomings and, most important, the chaos they made, trying to save the world. But despite the positive aspects, new research shows that superheroes, which often loves a young audience, can cause serious harm.

Злодеи добрее. Медики назвали угрозы кинокомиксовA scene from the movie the Avengers

At the national conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics November 5 there was presented the study “the Image of violence in superhero movies, distributed by gender and relation to the protagonist-antagonist” Robert Olympia from the medical College of Pennsylvania and his colleagues, who analyzed ten films about superheroes, published in 2015-2016.

They divided the characters into “good” (protagonist) and bad (antagonist), and then using five independent reviewers counted as fighting, murder, torture and other aggressive actions committed by those and others.

It turned out that the “good guys” have done more damage to society, infrastructure and economy of their actions than “bad”.


Superheroes are more aggressive: the numbers

It turned out that on average, the superhero-the protagonists of 22.7 commit violent acts per hour, and their antagonists – 17.5 steps per hour.

The male characters in this commit five times more such acts than women (33,6 vs. 6.5).

All positive heroes in all the films fight 1021 times 659 times used a deadly weapon, 199 times destroyed someone’s property, committed killings and 168 144 times someone threatened or tortured.

Злодеи добрее. Медики назвали угрозы кинокомиксов
Frame from the movie Deadpool

Negative characters with the use of a deadly weapon 604 times, fought 599 times, tortured or intimidated 237 times, broken buildings and items 191 times and killed 93 times.


How to save the children

Scientists believe that children and adolescents may perceive superheroes as positive characters, despite their extremely aggressive behavior.

Ograniciti and to withstand the negative influence of films about superheroes study leader John N. Mueller encourages parents and older family members to see such films with their children and discuss all the action and plot twists.

“Watching can be an effective antidote to the increasing violence in a superhero movie. The main thing – to discuss whatever you see. This will help to form a child’s critical thinking”, – he added.

Злодеи добрее. Медики назвали угрозы кинокомиксов

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