Violation of the decisions of the SIC, high GDP growth and low cost of living: the Conclusion of the main scientific expert of the Department concerning the draft state budget-2017

Нарушение решений КСУ, завышенный рост ВВП и низкий прожиточный минимум: Вывод главного научно-экспертного управления относительно проекта госбюджета-2017

The main scientific and expert management has published its conclusions of the analysis of the draft state budget for 2017. The document is available in the card bill on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

The findings stated that the bill “continued the longstanding practice of suspending the law on the State budget of Ukraine the actions of legislation, changes of legal regulation than that provided by them that is contrary to numerous decisions of the constitutional Court of Ukraine”.

In particular, you specify the resolution of the CCU dated 9 July 2007 and 22 may 2008 30 November 2010.

Such violations found in paragraphs 3, 4, 6, 12, and 14 “Final provisions”.

Well as scientific and management expertise came to the conclusion that the draft budget contains provisions that could lead to a “violation of the parameters of a debt security of the country and the maximization of debt risks in the medium and long term.”

In addition, according to experts, several articles of the draft allow for the possibility of public expenditure management “manual mode”, without proper economic substantiation of directions and volumes of distribution of budget funds.

Separately focuses on the fact that the calculations of the draft budget are based in particular on the presented BP the bills, so their possible failure will affect the budget figures.

Experts also believe high growth of GDP in 2017 to 3%.

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The subsistence level is considerably lower than the amount of basic social standard sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of the human body.

The experts considered that the actual size of the subsistence minimum in the prices of August 2016 per month per person amounted to 2 669 UAH (taking into account the amount of the tax to incomes of physical persons – 2 885 UAH, for children up to 6 years – 2 657 UAH, for children aged 6 to 18 years – 3 169 UAH, for able-bodied persons – UAH 2 736 (taking into account the amount of the tax to incomes of physical persons – 3 105 UAH) for persons who lost working capacity, – 2 269 USD.

Also, experts have criticisms concerning the wording of several provisions in the bill of the budget.

Note that the draft budget 2017 Rada adopted for consideration. As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine offers the Verkhovna Rada to approve the state budget for 2017 with revenues 706,3 billion UAH and expenditures 775,3 UAH billion. The document is published on the Council website.