Visa banned from serving cards with Bitcoin

Visa запретила обслуживать карты с поддержкой Bitcoin

The issuing Bank Bitcoin card WaveCrest does not comply with membership rules.

Cardholders WaveCrest with support for bitcoin was refused service because of the policy of the payment service Visa Europe. It is reported

In the service, commenting on the situation, stated that the reason for rejection was the failure by the company WaveCrest rules of membership in VISA. The company also assured that the actions taken are not against cryptocurrencies.

“The change happened very suddenly, did not give us time to notify our customers. This decision indicates that Visa, as well as by representatives of other traditional financial corporations, unwilling to serve the growing crypto economy. This, in turn, motivates us to continue our vision of creating the first cryptocurrency Bank”, – stated in WaveCrest.

Recall that bitcoin started the year with the fall, but now he’s a little caught up their positions.