Visitors to PornHub has undergone a virus attack

Посетители PornHub подверглись вирусной атаке

The virus primarily affected residents in the USA, Canada and UK.

Several million users of the popular pornoresursy Pornhub more than a year was attacked by the virus. With the ads offered to install fake updates for browsers, ostensibly required to continue viewing.

After installation, the program used the victim’s computer for their own purposes, including wrapping of attendance other sites, The Guardian reports.

According to experts from the cybersecurity company Proofpoint, the virus primarily affected residents in the USA, Canada and UK. A malicious program called Kovter created hackers from the group KovCoreG.

“Although the main purpose of the virus is to fraud in advertising, it could be used for extortion or theft of personal information of users,” said Proofpoint, noting that the program continues to operate on other sites and aimed at a new victim.

Earlier smartphones running on the Android operating system, was discovered a malicious program designed to steal critical banking applications.

According to the materials:

RIA Novosti

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