Vita Semerenko: chirp was conducted in a fair selection, with the respect that coaching staff

Вита Семеренко: На ЛЧМ был проведен честный отбор, за это уважаю тренерский штаб

Vita Semerenko

Vita Semerenko commented on the mixed relay at the summer biathlon world Championships.

Vita Semerenko took part in the mixed relay at the summer biathlon world championship, which takes place in the Czech Nove mesto, showing a good result on your stage and working on zero at the shooting range.

“Of course, was a little worried, after all the first launch, the first stage of a long time I was in this position did not run away. That shot of the two zero – very cool. Zero is zero. Shooting I am very pleased. A little progress on the last lap not succeed, perhaps due to the fact that a wet track, the whole distance to pull the hands, so on the third round a little bit not enough. Know that there are errors, we’ll work on them.

I want to thank the coaching staff, many thanks to them. Very comfortable, nice and cozy doing biathlon with such a great team.

The last time the world Cup in summer biathlon, I spoke six years ago. Now I liked the fact that there had been a fair selection for this start. Ran two control training at the training camp in otepää, the championship went to those who showed the best results. So with the baton, ran by those who honestly and fairly earned that spot. For that I respect the coaching staff.

I had a desire to run a relay race. When I finished 4th in the first control exercise, I have this feeling was. I realized that if I don’t win the second control, I have no chance to qualify in the relay. Tried to focus on shooting on the move, if only to qualify the relay. And I did, control the individual race I won.

Last season was perfect for me after such a long time. Low bow for that Grigory Ivanovich (Shamray ed.), he very well knows me with the valley. And after such a long pause when I managed to climb on a pedestal, I was shocked.

Of course, at the end of the season fatigue was strong, but Grigory then said: “Vit, it is not necessary to conclude that we are not all showed.” I believed him, and believed her husband. The President of the Federation gave me the opportunity to train with a young son who motivates me. He to me does not relax, does not give up, so I can show him a bad example? Today when I went to the start, he just woke up. I hope that dad is now somewhere in the stands.

After the world Cup we will go on a small vacation home, just 4 days, and then leave for a training camp in Raubichi” – quoted Semerenko

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