Vita Semerenko: Live biathlon and hope to be back in peak form

Вита Семеренко: Живу биатлоном и надеюсь вернуться на пик формы

Vita Semerenko

Ukrainian biathlete has told about recovering from injury and expects to play in the Olympics in Pentane

Winner of gold and bronze Olympic games 2014 Vita Semerenko after the season in Sochi, missed two seasons. Now she plans to return to the sport and to take part in the next Olympics.

Vita, what mode are training now?

– Trained in the Dynamo in Sumy, ride on roller skis, winter is unfortunately over. But I am so longing for their favorite sport. Skiing was only in late December, did not really have time to enjoy the slide. This year was in Pokljuka, had a difficult start in Austria, with the valley and trainer Gregory Shamray was in Italy. Then the houses were looking for the snow for a little longer to stand on skis. I now do not act, but live for biathlon, because it is much more than just a part of my life.

Who paints your training?

– First of all consult with coach Gregory Ivanovich. Then something corrects, on the basis of their health. These two years my coach at constant contact, I important his advice and recommendations. Even though I like myself as a specialist, but he is an experienced coach, and indeed me as a second father. All of our victories and defeats shared with him. So without it in any way.

– With Uros Valueparam communicate? How to cooperate with him in training?

We have a normal relationship, even texting. He is constantly in touch with the Man. In Slovenia, for example, they together with Uros discussed, how can I get involved in the training process.

– This season you’ve been in the shoes of a fan? How do you feel?

– On one hand – eager to fight. Difficult to sit when the girls are the same relay-race run, but on the other hand – I rested. White envy, though often assailed, especially when the girls on the track, and I on the couch. But I set specific plans, go slowly on his track, and I believe that the return to peak form. A moment will come when I again will please their fans, and coaches, and yourself. After Sochi I was like a squeezed lemon, with a single skin. So the rest should benefit.

– Back problems solved?

– Yes, fortunately there was time to do their “sores“. My back was difficult, indeed, it was an unpleasant moment of my life. But never mind, we survived. The good doctor from Poltava helped, I am pleased that in Ukraine there are good people. Me with Dr. Vladimir Brynzak has helped.

In sums you up on rewarding players. Often you leave in people?

– Went to the arena, rooting for the husband, he played in the finals. Sitting on the podium and then announce, they say, the award will hold Vita Semerenko. For me it was a surprise, although I have to admit, it was nice.

– How you supported Him during the season?

– My message in a minute after the finish already on her phone. With a mandatory review of its performance, good or bad. It’s a difficult season turned out. Valea two years almost let the team, it is clear that she is tired. But still her I got though, I always support her.

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