Vitali Klitschko: Vladimir many times forced the Ukrainian flag triumphantly flying

Виталий Кличко: Владимир много раз заставлял украинский флаг победно взвиваться

Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko wished his brother Vladimir success in his new role after a career of a boxer.

“Eternal” world champion Vitali Klitschko commented on the decision of his younger brother Wladimir Klitschko on the completion of a professional Boxing career.

“My brother announced the end of his career. A big way. Dozens of years Vladimir was on the top of world Boxing and won Olympic gold, was a multiple world champion, bringing the belt. He created the results that I wish anyone ever to repeat. Vladimir has always represented our country and standing on top, a lot of times done so that the Ukrainian flag triumphantly into the air and sounded the anthem of Ukraine.

Now he has a new career. After the last fight I never talked to him about what he decides. I’m sure soon he will answer, what he’s doing. And I am sure that in his new role he will be as successful as in sports. I can promise that he can always count on the support of his brother. We wish you success”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

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