Vitu a. was returned to jail – human rights defenders

Виту Заверуху вернули в СИЗО – правозащитники

The girl tried to cut his throat in the hospital, the lawyer said.

The suspect in the murder of two policemen fighter Aydar Vitu a., was taken to jail. This is stated on the website of the National advocacy center in Facebook.

“Last night she wrote a letter to the MP, who assured her that to court it will be in BSP. And by the way, was the promise that the court will take place in 2-3 days. In the letter you can read all the details. Add only that the authorities had fulfilled their promise and brought her up in the morning, before the arrival of doctors”, – is spoken in the message.

“The result is epic in length, three days 23-26. Vita to jail with chopped hands and neck, she simply handed over nerves. That’s the price for the failure of the promises to the girl. PS She’s alive, and healthy (nothing critical)”, – quotes the portal of the lawyer Dmitry Vita Brovchuk, counsel for the Vita.

Earlier it was reported that the Vitu. sent under house arrest.