Vlasenko about the threat of the Russian Federation: it is Necessary to make a decision, based on military and technical need

Власенко относительно угрозы РФ: Надо принимать решение, исходя из военной и технической необходимости

MP Serhiy Vlasenko in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 14.11.16

Ukraine should make a decision as to whether to hold missile tests, based on military and technical need. This was stated by MP from the party “Batkivshchyna” Serhiy Vlasenko in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I think we should consider all the threats that exist. It is necessary to make informed decisions. But to do it professionally. It is necessary to do not in order to hide the negative processes going on in our country, and we must do this based on military necessity, of a technical need. Unfortunately, I, as a person who has access to a certain amount of information, there is no certainty that all these decisions were made and on the basis of military necessity, and on the basis of technical need. I have doubts about this. But I strongly agree that we need instead to argue, we would have to unite all together,” – said Vlasenko.

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Recall, November 30, appeared in the media information about the letter threatening a missile attack from the Russian Ministry of defence addressed to the military attaché at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation.

The defense Ministry admitted that Russia can implement its threat to launch a missile attack in the case of the training missile firings.

The head of the NSDC Turchynov, for his part, said that Ukraine will continue missile tests, despite threats from Russia. In addition, he urged international organizations to pay attention to the deliberate provocation from the Russian Federation aimed at escalation of aggression.