Volkswagen will be fired up to 7000 employees in the next five years

Volkswagen уволит до 7000 сотрудников в ближайшие пять лет

The automaker is launching a program of optimization, which should provide a profit of 5.9 billion Euro in 2023.

German carmaker Volkswagen plans until 2023 to reduce from five to seven thousand jobs in the framework of the cost optimization program. The company announced on March 13 on its website.

According to estimates concern, the automation of production will result in the loss of from five to seven thousand jobs by 2023. To avoid reducing the automaker intends to recruit employees in the place of those who will retire.

In addition, the possibility of hiring up to 2,000 professionals in the division on technical development of the brand. It is assumed that the employees of this division will be engaged in architecture development of hardware and software.

It is emphasized that Volkswagen will offer employees a guarantee of job security until at least 2025.

Earlier it was reported that Volkswagen AG became the world’s largest car manufacturer by 2018, releasing 10.8 million cars.

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