Volkswagen will convert four million cars

Volkswagen переоборудует четыре миллиона авто

German automakers can comply with high environmental standards without compromising competitiveness.

German automotive concern Volkswagen has said it is ready to convert 4 million cars to reduce the emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. On Thursday, July 27, announced the head of the automaker Mathias müller during a meeting with the Minister of environment of Germany Barbara Hendricks in Wolfsburg.

According to VW, these 4 million are also included 2.5 million cars, replacement engines which are the concern engaged in since the first oil beginning of 2016. In addition, among them are 600 thousand cars Audi a subsidiary of the holding company, the conversion of which became known last week. Volkswagen plans including the development of the cars with diesel engines of the Porsche brand and its key automaker VW.

The Minister of environmental protection pointed out that German automakers can comply with high environmental standards without compromising competitiveness of their products. In the case of diesel scandal, according to her, the talent of the engineers was aimed in the wrong direction.

Hendricks pointed out that a number of scandals recently in the automotive industry in Germany has led to a weakening of the credibility of the government. She stressed the urgent need to separate the authorities responsible for the admission of cars to the market and control of car emissions.

Note, in the beginning of August in Berlin will host a summit with participation of heads of state and heads of automotive companies. It is expected to adopt important decisions on the production and maintenance of vehicles with diesel engines.

Earlier Daimler, which owns the famous car brand Mercedes, has announced a voluntary recall in Europe of the three million vehicles with diesel engines for the technological upgrade.

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