Volkswagen will pay $71 million to top managers, despite the losses

Volkswagen выплатит $71 миллион топ-менеджерам, несмотря на убытки

The United States accused Volkswagen in understating the rate of emissions of harmful substances

Some payments will be delayed for some time.

German carmaker Volkswagen has said that it would pay to several former and current top managers of the company 63 million euros ($71 million), despite record losses from-for scandal with harmful emissions.

The company’s management notes that some payments will be delayed for some time.

In particular, the head of the group, Matthias müller in 2015 was supposed to 4.76 million euros, of which 880 thousand euros have not yet been paid.

Former Director General of the concern Martin Winterkorn, who left the post amid the scandal, agreed to a deferral of 30% of the payment due to him, and eventually got to 7.3 million euros.

Mueller apologized on April 28 for the actions of the group, stating that they are “disappointed many people who believed in Volkswagen”.

In September last year, us authorities accused the representatives of Volkswagen to install diesel car special software, which reduced the emission of harmful substances.

In this regard, the U.S. government ordered Volkswagen to recall almost half a million cars entered the American market from 2009 to 2015.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si