Volkswagen will pay another $ 1 billion. in the case of emissions

Volkswagen выплатит еще 1 млрд долл. в деле о выбросах

German automaker Volkswagen has agreed with the US authorities on payment of $ 1 billion in the framework of the “equity scandal”, BBC Russian service reports.

The money will be used to repurchase or repair of 80 thousand sold a 3 liter diesel car, on which the software was installed, lowered information on the harmful emissions.

We are talking about cars produced in 2009-2016 years, including car brands such as VW, Porsche and Audi.

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Also this amount includes a donation amount of $ 225 million in a Fund to fight air pollution, said the Agency for environmental protection of the United States.

Just at the moment the German company agreed to pay US $ 17.5 billion to settle the “equity scandal”, Reuters reported.

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Previously, Volkswagen has agreed to pay $ 15 billion in compensation to buyers of cars, which was established AT that underestimate emissions. The deal applies only to two-liter diesel engines. Another 5 billion was to go to environmental studies.

Reuters does not exclude new payment in this case, as the U.S. Department of justice conducts a criminal investigation against the company, as well as her suits were filed on the state level.

Volkswagen in September 2015, admitted that he had installed it on their cars special FOR that understated information on emissions. This has led to an international scandal. In many countries investigations are ongoing against the company.