Voloshin has won silver of the European championship

Волошина завоевала серебро чемпионата Европы

Anna Voloshin

Synchronised swimmer Anna Voloshina became the second in the final of the technical solo program.

Another silver medal was won by Ukrainian synchronized swimmers at the European championship on water sports.

May 12 the technical program of the soloists on the podium went to Anna Voloshin. Result of the Ukrainian – 90,7289 points.

“Gold“ won the Russian synchronised swimmer Svetlana Romashina, the third was Italian Linda Cerruti.

Note that on the European championship on water sports Ukrainian synchronized swimmers won four medals and they were silver. All in all Ukraine at the European championship seven medals – “gold“ in water diver Ilya Kvasha and six silver medals. Of these, four “silver” Anna Voloshin.

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