Volunteers called “looters” General withdrew from the ATU – volunteer

Назвавшего добровольцев "мародерами" генерала отозвали из АТО – волонтер

Major General Peter Nikitenko withdrew from the ATO

Also, the General said that “Russia we can not fight, because it is a great power”.

Major-General Petr Nikitenko, who called the volunteers marauders, withdrawn the area of the ATO. About this on his page on the social network on Thursday, 7 September, said Roman Donik.

According to him, the decision to withdraw Nikitchenko took the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko.

“Major-General Nikitenko according to the decision of the CDS withdrawn from the ATO. Assigned to the investigation. Most likely, there will be some personnel decision. Most likely going to hurt”, – the volunteer wrote.

He noted that, judging from the position Muzhenko, no one has the right, moral, humiliate the soldier.

By the way, Nikitchenko also stated that “we can not fight, because it is a great power”.

We will remind, the Ministry of defense has punished 16 military officials for delivery to military units to low-quality food.

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