Volunteers: In Kherson beat the Volunteers

Волонтеры: На Херсонщине избили АТОшников

About the incident at the summer camp reported in the center for assistance to participants of ATO.

On-site children’s camp in lazurne, Kherson region police beat veterans of the ATO. This was reported in the Facebook fellow, center for assistance to participants of ATO Natalia Veselovskaya.

“As far as I know, the lads with the “new police” of the Dnieper who brutally beat our Touzim instructors children’s camp in azure, таv just rested, and decided, as they say, to show off. On our territory. We hope that our “new police” and the Prosecutor’s office will intervene and stop this lawlessness. I demand to punish those responsible and apologize to our combatants not only these “new Ponte”, and the chiefs of police of the Dnieper”,” – said Veselovska.

In the comments Veselovska added that the incident occurred in the camp “Chayka”. The victims are in the hospital. They are also of cans sprayed in the eyes.

“A police squad was called, but arrived the local police and just said that those softly. Documents for the district and the boys showed,” – said the head of the Center.

Later Veselovska wrote that considering how often there are cases where the police appear, the volunteers also try to leave the guilty.

“The statement: “nobody has the right to push the police”, I want to say that nobody has the right to push anyone. Police are citizens of Ukraine, not a special caste, and also go under the law and by God If we comply with the laws or other regulations, the new police will be settled exclusively by the beating, the cholera we need such police? And even if the police leadership is “actively” protect their own, we will protect her!”, – wrote the head of the Center.

Also he commented on the incident the victim of police Andrey Marchuk.

“I showed the children the battle tactics in place, came the new police and nailed all our insturctors…. Cruelly, one instructor in intensive care. Creature! The police are just as tourists from the Dnieper,” – said Marchuk.

Later, Marchuk wrote that the police promised to dismiss the police officer with the relevant records in the workbook (we are talking about the police officer who was the instigator of the incident approx.ed.) and the corresponding characteristics.

“Who came not legitimate actions against the instructors of the participants of ATO). I hope that it was the exception to the rule standards of conduct for the police! Will continue to keep you up to date,” reads the post Marchuk.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Kiev the driver of the bus cut up with a knife fighter ATO.

The explosion at a base in Mariupol injured seven