Volunteers partially closed points of issue of humanitarian aid in the Donbass

Волонтеры частично закрыли пункты выдачи гумпомощи в Донбассе

Due to problems with delivery of humanitarian aid partially closed points of dispensing products

Due to the closure of KPVV “Novotroitsk” the delivery of aid to the Donbass suspended for 2 weeks.

Today, may 13, the points of delivery of products in the Donbass partially suspended the work after the issuance of stocks. Due to the closure of KPVV “Novotroitsk” the delivery of aid to the Donbass suspended for 2 weeks, according to the Humanitarian centre of the Rinat Akhmetov.

Yesterday, the center sent a convoy to Donetsk, via a new route – the two parts through the checkpoints in zaytsevo and Marinka.

Early morning volunteers at the Donbass Arena, began the formation of sets of products, delivered yesterday’s column. Due to the complex routing the KPVV, after the closing of Novotroitsk, our convoy has been in transit for over 16 hours. To replenish the inventory in store, today sets parts deposada on the points below to continue the payment”, – said Rimma Fil, coordinator of Humanitarian staff.

Today, the center sent to Donetsk, another convoy. In 19 trucks 380 tons of humanitarian aid for civilians in uncontrolled territory. Of the delivered products is planned to create 20 thousand adults and 18.3 thousands of children’s survival kits.

It is planned that today the car will undergo customs and fiscal clearance at KPVV “zaitsevo”.

The staff chose this schedule in order not to complicate people’s passage into the busiest checkpoint in Marinka, as well as in the shortest time possible to deliver humanitarian assistance.

After closing KPVV “Novotroitsk”, through which passed all of the humanitarian mission, the delivery of aid to the uncontrolled territory is much more complicated.

As reported Корреспондент.net, 8 February volunteers of the Rinat Akhmetov humanitarian center has resumed delivery of food packages to elderly and disabled people living in Donetsk and the nearby cities.

The points of issue of humanitarian kits to Donbas under threat of closure