Vorskla defeated Karpaty in an important match

Ворскла разгромила Карпаты в важном матче

Vorskla won a crushing victory

Poltava Shakhtar Donetsk beat Karpaty and practically secured the fifth place in the championship.

After a misfire Alexandria Vorskla had to win, that would be easy to feel in the remaining rounds of the championship.

The game was played at a leisurely pace. The team tried to attack, but to actual capabilities is not reached. Towards the end of the first half Poltava managed to take the lead. Sklar after discounts was shot from the penalty line and the ball a ricochet has flown in gate of the Carpathians.

Lviv residents also had a chance to equalise before the break. Blanco Leshchuk from the vantage point shot, but missed the goal.

In the second half the hosts continued to confirm its status as favorites. First. struck the goalkeeper from a good position. However, after five minutes, the player was corrected – another breakthrough on the right flank ended with a precise strike, which doubled the advantage Vorskla. In fact, the second goal the game lost intrigue: Karpaty could not, and Vorskla was content with his success. Towards the end of the meeting, the account became devastating – Kolomoets got the ball on the goal line and scored the third goal.

Thus, Poltava for 2 rounds before the end on the six points pulled away from Alexandria, and with high probability, have secured the fifth place of the championship.

Vorskla – Karpaty 3:0

Goals: Sklar, 37, ., 68,

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