Vorskla got rid of two of their best defenders

Ворскла избавилась от двух основных защитников

Alex Dityatev

Defenders of the Vorskla Dityatev Alexey and Andrey pilyavskiy left Poltava team.

As informs portal Sport Arena, St. Petersburg club decided to part with two defenders Aleksey and Andrey Titatium Pilewski.

Reason for the separation of Vorskla with the main players has been a tight financial situation at the club. CEO of Vorskla Oleg Lysak said that all players green and white in the near future will lower the salary.

Alex Dityatev held in the t-shirt Vorskla 40 games in which he scored four goals.

Andrey pilyavskiy has played for Vorskla only eight matches in which effective action is not different.

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