Vorskla pulled out a victory over the Steel

Ворскла вырвала победу над Сталью

Paul child – the author of a victorious goal in gate of Steel

In the match of the 16th round of the Premier League wards Vasyl Sachko has extracted a difficult victory over the Steel (1:0).

To confrontation, held in the framework of the 16th round of the championship of Ukraine, Steel and Vorskla came up as neighbors in the standings – Steelworkers, after 15 matches, had scored 14 of the points and as a result – intermediate eighth position. Team Sachko, in turn, with 16 points, was located on the step above. The meeting, which was held in the framework of the first round in Poltava, resulted in a draw.

The match between Steel and Vorskla began in a rather leisurely pace, however, already in the fifth minute of the match, the home team could come out ahead of the storm with great difficulty repelled a shot from close range in the performance of the player the Steelers – forget team Jacob Galla at the start of the game, and who knows how it would have unfolded further events of this match. Vorskla are not forced to wait for an answer six minutes later, already Mladen bartulovic could withdraw the visitors the lead, if he were a little more precisely, after a shot from a penalty corner – the ball flew just a few inches above the nine possessions Pankiv after trying with the standard Croatian airlines from Poltava.

In the 22nd minute of the match, it was already Dityatev – Central defender the visitors after a cross from the flank Bartulovic, a shot from inside the penalty area over the crossbar of the opponent, thus leaving the score at the stadium meteor in the river unchanged… this, dangerous chances in the first half has not ended – in the 25th minute, treacherous ricochet from the player of Vorskla after blow with penal performed Voronin, could play a cruel joke with the guests, however, the game shell, instead of having to fly into the net. rolled near the frame of the possessions Nepogodov. Two minutes after this episode, goes ahead could Vorskla – Khlyobas, after a corner, shot from an advantageous position near the gate strangas Steel. Withstood the onslaught of each other, the team, frankly, began to beat on the legs – lots of fouls recorded by the arbitrator in the first 45 minutes of the match – at times, this rigidity crossed the line, which periodically is transformed into a warning.

The second half began actively Poltava – team Sachko is already in the 48th minute of the game could score the same Khlyobas being in a fight with two opponents, shot from a fairly acute angle to the outside mesh of the opponent. The real chance to come forward, the visitors wasted then in the 56th minute when after a powerful shot from the penalty line in the performance Kobakhidze, the ball fell straight into the crossbar. Steel tried to create something near the front of goal, but the immediate pressure from the Vorskla, made wards of Galla to part with the ball around the Central circle.

At the end of the game when it seemed that a draw is not far off, its weighty word said substitute Paul Child shifted from wing to center, extreme midfielder Poltava, shot from outside the box exactly in the corner of the opponent, but then there was already the 89th minute… Scoring the ball, guests some sort of fatigue, little walked back than in the end, and failed to use Steel. Minimal, but still a winning team Sachko that allows you to stay in the seventh spot. The gap from Chernomorets Odessa, which, yet, is in sixth place, are still the same three points, because in parallel to the meeting, the residents of Odessa also managed to win over his opponent. Well, Steel, still eighth, without any hint of getting into the top 6. And what was the talk before the season, remember…


Steel – Vorskla 0:1

Goal: The Child, 89

Steel: Pankiv – Pashayev, Ishchenko, Stamenković, Voronin – Kalenchuk, C., Malakian, Malakian (Karasuk, 78) – Mysyk, Comvalius (Karikari, 65), Sadaraka (Kuzyk, 46)

Vorskla: Storm – Siminin, Dityatev, Chesnakov, Perduta – Tkachuk, Kravchenko – Tursunov, Bartulovic (Child, 46), Kobakhidze (Odaryuk, 67) – Khlyobas (Zagorulko, 80)

Warning: Sadaraka – Bartulovic, Siminin, Dityatev, Kobakhidze, Chesnakov, Odaryuk

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