Vulnerable groups affected by the reform of the Ministry of infrastructure concerning the activities of the stations, experts

The initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers on amendments to the basic normative acts regulating the activities of bus stations in Ukraine, will harm, first of all, passengers. This was stated by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, commenting initiated on the website of the Ministry of infrastructure of public hearings on proposed changes in the activities of the bus stations.

In particular, such changes involve the abolition of the previous and additional survey stations, introduction of unregulated enhancement of plant collection and determination of routes and stops at the discretion of the carrier, the cancellation requirements regarding the timely filing of buses and a number of other regulations.

“This decision could lead to chaos in passenger transport, uncontrolled activities of illegal operators, which will not affect neither the Central nor local authorities. Because where, for example, is the guarantee that, not having the obligation to coordinate the routes, the carriers will immediately cancel them unprofitable routes? But the definition stops at the discretion of the carriers will also result in congestion on the streets of major cities, – said Klitschko. – This initiative of the government will harm, first of all, the passengers, which will create great inconvenience. So I think we need a balanced approach to innovation which relate to the interests and comfort of many Ukrainians. And the government should not support this initiative”, – said the mayor of Kiev.

Recall, December 16, Klitschko has criticized the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure on the regulation of bus stations.