Vyatrovych said the opening against him for “Nazism” in Russia

Вятрович прокомментировал открытие против него дела за "нацизм" в РФ

Vladimir vyatrovich commented on the case in Sledkom the Russian Federation

Action Sledkoma Russia, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory is called far from any notion of law and history.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr viatrovych called inadequate instituted in Russia the case against him “upon the rehabilitation of Nazism”. He said this on Thursday, March 14, the channel Direct.

In particular, viatrovych called these actions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation “absolutely inadequate and far from any concept of law and of history.”

“It’s hard to say what specific actions arose such a reaction. I think it is rather due to the fact that Russia is trying to create a monopoly image of a fighter against Nazism and fascism, and accordingly those who act against Russia, or are called “Nazis” or “fascists” is a very old technology, it was used by Stalin after the Second world war, and her now trying to use in the Russian Federation”, – he added.

Vyatrovich also said essentially the allegations of Nazism.

“I was pleased with the mention of the Nuremberg trials in those reports the Investigative Committee, especially given the fact that it is in the Nuremberg trial there are documents, which tell about the struggle of the OUN and Bandera against the Nazis, and, of course, those documents that have never been published in Russian editions of the Nuremberg trial,” – said vyatrovich.

We will remind, on Thursday, March 14, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a case against the head of the Institute of Viatrovych “in fact the rehabilitation of Nazism”.

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