Vyshinsky admitted to having a Russian passport

Вышинский признал, что имеет российский паспорт

The head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky

The head of RIA Novosti Ukraine does not recognize his guilt and believes the case against itself, pressure on freedom of speech. He also asked to speak in Russian.

The head of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky admitted that he has two passports – Russian and Ukrainian. The corresponding statement he made in court in Kherson. On Thursday, may 17, according to TSN.

At the same time, his guilt Vyshinsky does not recognize and calls the case against himself “pressure on freedom of speech.”

The Prosecutor during the meeting read out the names of Pro-Russian articles on the website of the news Agency. What Vyshinsky said that “all these articles are published under the heading Point of view”, so he doesn’t see anything wrong.

In the beginning of the meeting, Vyshinsky made a request – he wants to speak Russian.

Recall, Vyshinsky was detained near his house on the eve of 15 may, and in the office of RIA Novosti-Ukraine were searched. The Ukrainian government is suspected of Wyszynski and other journalists of treason. The SBU also called RIA Novosti-Ukraine “propaganda of anti-Ukrainian information resource”.

Soon Wyszynski was transferred to Kherson, where the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea shall elect him a measure of restraint.


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