WADA: thousands of Russians implicated in the doping scandal

WADA: Тысяча россиян причастна к допинг-скандалу

The manipulation of doping samples was attended by officials from the Ministry of sport, Rosadi, Moscow anti-doping laboratory and the FSB.

More than a thousand Russian athletes in nearly 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports have used doping program. This is stated in the second part of the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren.

Experts in the second report confirmed the substitution of doping tests Russian athletes at the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014. A new report says more than 500 false reports on the samples transferred to the Moscow laboratory in the electronic system of WADA. In the first part of the report referred 312.

The report argues that the manipulation of doping samples was conducted at the Olympic games in London in 2012 and world championship in athletics in Moscow in 2013.
Experts believe that the system of substitution of samples, started in 2011, and the reason for this was the failure of the Russian team at the Olympic games in Vancouver.

However, according to McLaren, after Sochi technology substitution samples and cover-UPS of doping has become a common practice for the Moscow anti-doping laboratory and used in many summer and winter sports. Moreover, the experts came to the conclusion that the methods were improved over time.

The report reaffirms that the manipulations were attended by Russian officials from the Ministry of sports, Rosadi, Moscow anti-doping laboratory and also of the FSB.

“We not only confirmed the findings of the first report, but said them… and expanded the range of athletes involved in… institutional conspiracy involved athletes in summer and winter sports and officials of the Ministry of sports and its infrastructure,” said McLaren.

As reported Корреспондент.netJuly 18 the head of the independent Commission WADA Richard McLaren presented the results of investigations into allegations of Russian participants of the Sochi Olympics doping.

He said that the Russian authorities, in particular the Ministry of sports, covered the use of doping by athletes at the Sochi Olympics. In the end, WADA then on the basis of the report recommend to remove from the 2016 Olympics the entire team.

On the eve of the IOC extended sanctions against the Russian Federation regarding international sports competitions on its territory.

Source: Russian service bi-Bi-si