Wage arrears reached two billion hryvnia

Долги по зарплате достигли двух миллиардов гривен

Arrears of wages increased

For February, the debt increased by 4.6%.

The total arrears of wages in Ukraine grew by 4.6%, and on 1 March 2017 made 1995,3 million. This is stated in the message of the state statistics.

According to statistics, the amount of arrears of wages of economically active enterprises increased in February by 8.8% and on 1 March 2017 made 946,9 million.

It is clarified that the increase of arrears of wages in the last month was recorded in Rivne (three times), Khmelnytskyi (by 68.3%), Cherkasy (44%), Luhansk (14.2%), Zaporizhzhya (5.9%), Ivano-Frankivsk (5.8%), Dnipropetrovsk (5.6%), Transcarpathian (4.2%) regions and Kyiv (12.3%).

Wage arrears declined in February in Chernivtsi (by 67.2%), Ternopil (54.5%), Volyn (42%), Poltava (8.1%), Sumy (by 4.7%), Kherson (4.6%), Chernihiv (3.4%) and Lviv (by 3%) regions. By the beginning of March the arrears of economically active enterprises accounted for the industry (75.1 per cent), professional, scientific and technical activities (by 9.7%). With more than half of the debt formed in Donetsk (27%), Luhansk (15,2%), and Kharkiv (10%).

In February 2017, the arrears of wages increased for operations in education and health 10.1% (to 6.96 million) and (to 8.7 million), respectively, in the wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles – by 9.1% (to 19.7 million UAH), information and telecommunications – 8.8% (to 2.9%), the arts, sports, entertainment – 7.5% (to 3.8 million), professional, scientific and technical activities 7.1% (up to 111.5 million UAH), industry by 5.9% (to 1481,9 million UAH), in the field of agriculture, forestry and fishing – 4.3% (to 19.2 million UAH), the public administration and defense – 2.2% (to 3.9 million).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in 2015 in Ukraine, wage arrears reached two billion.

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