Waiting on diphtheria: a video from the doctor Komarovsky’s trending on YouTube

Ждем дифтерию: видео от доктора Комаровского в тренде на YouTube

Dr. Komarovsky warns about the outbreak of diphtheria

Following the measles outbreak, Ukraine could face diphtheria. This opinion was expressed by the famous pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky. His “forecast” for the day gathered more than 118 thousand views on YouTube.

In the Internet appeared the video “Measles is here! Waiting on diphtheria” by Dr. Komarovsky. The roller in less than a day collected 118 thousand views.

In his address, Komorowski warns that measles can just be the beginning. If the Ukrainians do not begin now to be vaccinated against measles, the “icing on the cake” will be the outbreak of diphtheria in Ukraine.

The pediatrician notes that diphtheria is much more dangerous than measles because to create a strong immunity to disease does not always help even three vaccinations in a row.

“Diphtheria without serum die 50%, with serum in the best clinics of the world – 10-15% of cases. Die every tenth. India had provided the whey Ukraine, but in a flash it’ll be over in 2-3 days. Diphtheria will surely come, it can not come, this is a biological law. So please privates, don’t wait” says Komorowski.

The doctor also noted that half of the measles cases does not give publicity. This is the reason that a significant portion of the population without hearing about an outbreak in the region, decides not to get vaccinated.

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