Walesa: Europe is not able to “absorb” Ukraine

Валенса: Европа не в состоянии "впитать" Украину

The Polish politician called the reason why do not take Ukraine into the EU.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa believes that Ukraine still has not adopted the European Union because it is very much dependent on Russia. He declared it in interview to the newspaper Today.

“There are two philosophies. Some say: “Try to align what is possible, and only then join.” And in the end to play the hymns. Others say, “No! Open! Who will survive, he will live.” Which one is better? I can say that Poland was a little further away are less dependent on Russia, it can be used to join the EU, as in the first concept,” said Walesa.

“Ukraine is a big country. And strongly dependent on Russia. So it is more difficult. Europe is not able to absorb such a country,” he added.

Walesa says that when he was the Polish President, worked hard to ensure that Poland, Ukraine and Belarus joined the EU.

“My grandfather taught me, then my father that there is no free Poland without a free Ukraine. I have it in blood, in education. So I did everything to ensure that all went together (in the EU – ed.). But, unfortunately, failed,” – said Walesa and added that if it failed, then “Russia would now be disorganized”.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker did not agree that Ukraine close to EU membership and NATO. He stated this at a conference of EU ambassadors in Brussels. Juncker also said the EU should consider how to improve relations with Russia.

Ukraine will seek membership of the EU and NATO – Poroshenko