Walker advised Ukraine to improve the investment climate

Волкер посоветовал Украине улучшить инвестклимат

The Ukrainian authorities are unable to create a favorable investment climate, said the special representative of the United States.

The special representative of the United States Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that the Ukrainian authorities have so far failed to create a favorable investment climate in the country. He declared it in interview the Internet-to the Direct channel.

“The solution to overcome corruption should not accept the U.S. Department of state, and the Ukrainians and the Ukrainian business. We receive information from American business, which operates in Ukraine. After the invasion of Ukraine, the country still has not recovered all his power. Would love to create a good business climate, which is still in Ukraine was not created,” said Walker.

Poroshenko discussed the privatization of the U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Earlier it was reported that the United States has provided Ukraine with $ 54 million for the reform.