Walker calls to extend the law on the status of Donbass

Волкер призывает продлить закон о статусе Донбасса

Kurt Volker in the Donbass

This will give the opportunity to keep sanctions against Russia related to the situation in Ukraine, said the diplomat.

Special envoy of the US state Department for the Affairs Kurt Volker urged the Parliament to extend the Law “On special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. He said this at the YES conference, UNIAN reports.

“[Ukraine] has adopted the law on the special order (local self-government in the Donbas – ed.), it adopted the law on Amnesty, it is ready to hold local elections… the Ukrainian authorities are unable to implement these ideas as long as the territories are occupied. We must focus to see the territory become deokkupatsii,” – said Walker.

According to him, “it is very important that Ukraine has extended the act on special order” not to give Russia the ability to use it against Ukraine.

Walker stresses that the renewal of this law will contribute to the continuation of the EU sanctions against Russia.

“As you know, the opinions of many people in the EU are reduced to what they would like to lift the sanctions even if Russia did nothing to fulfil its part of the Minsk agreements,” recalled Walker.

Earlier in the OSCE stated that the prolongation of the law on the special status of Donbass can lead to the establishment of the UN peacekeeping mission.


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