Walker: Donbas war, it must be complete

Волкер: на Донбассе война, ее необходимо завершить

The US special envoy stressed that the conflict in the Donbas is not an internal, but an act of aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

The conflict in the Donbas – it is a crisis that requires urgent attention that needs to be completed as soon as possible, said the special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker.

“It’s not a frozen conflict, it is a hot war,” said Walker.

“There are dead, wounded people, there are destroyed or damaged schools, hospitals, destroyed the economy, industry. I see a high price paid and the demarcation line, and in the occupied territories,” he added.

Walker added that until the end of next week he plans to meet with the representatives of the parties, “Norman Quartet”, the EU, NATO, OSCE and representatives of the UK.

He stressed that the United States understands that the conflict in the Donbas is not an internal, but it is an act of aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

“We have seen how this conflict started, how it is controlled … We want the U.S. was more involved in that to solve this conflict, they want to develop a strategic understanding of the conflict, to be able to move on and regain the territory (the territorial integrity of Ukraine),” added Walker.

“My first step is to see the situation on the demarcation line, to visit the town, other towns. To hear the point of view of the local population, to communicate with people. Next, I plan to communicate with other parties involved to hear their point of view, and then go to Washington and give some recommendations,” said the special representative of the US state Department.

We will remind, on 23 July, special representative of US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker, Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch pay a visit to the ATO zone, where he visited the headquarters of tactical group Donetsk and Avdeevka. There they met with the military representatives of the military-civil administration and affected residents.