Walker: Ukraine is not necessary to return the nuclear weapons

Волкер: Украине не стоит возвращать ядерное оружие

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker

However, he noted that Russia was not expected violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker considers the refusal of Kiev from nuclear weapons right decision. He said this in an interview with journalist Andrey Palchevskogo Direct.

“If Ukraine joined the countries that have renounced nuclear weapons, this would not be a good solution. I don’t think nuclear weapons would be something positive for Ukraine. I would not like to see Ukraine again revived the process,” said Walker.

He noted that now there are big problems in the security sphere with Russia in the East and in connection with the annexation of Crimea.

“In 1994, no one thought that Russia could do that. Nobody expected that there will be such a problem that we have to work. The restoration of sovereignty in Ukraine should occur through security in Ukraine”, – said the American envoy.

Walker urged to think about the lives of people in the East of Ukraine, which, according to him, among other things, do not have any information about what is happening in Kiev.

“Now this is a very dramatic story… Now I see that it was the right decision in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum. And we continue to work on development of Ukraine as a successful state, restore its sovereignty,” stressed Walker.

Earlier, the US told about the possible supply of us weapons Ukraine.