Walking incorrectly: the resident New Kakhovka confiscated the dog

Неправильно выгуливал: у жителя Новой Каховки конфисковали собаку

The owner of the dog will also have to pay a fine and court costs

The owner of the dog was walking her without a muzzle. At the same animal twice attacked people.

Court of New Kakhovka Kherson region ruled to confiscate a dog from a local resident due to the fact that the owner was walking it without a muzzle and she twice attacked people. This was reported on the website of the court.

If walking the dog without a muzzle resulted in harm to human health, the owner establishes liability under article about violation of rules of the maintenance of dogs and cats (article 154 KU). The judges adopted two decrees to prosecute the dog owner of the offending. For each of the decisions people have to pay a penalty of 51 UAH and court fee in the amount of UAH 384,20.

The dog according to the court decision the owner confiscated.

Earlier it was reported that in Germany elderly family confiscated the dog breed pug because of unpaid taxes and then sold it on the Internet. The story is not ended. The new owner of the dog discovered she had health problems and spent a lot of money for treatment, and then asked the sellers to pay damages.


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