“War party” opposed to Levochkina, trying to maintain their position and the opportunity to earn in the war.

"Партия войны" выступает против Левочкина, пытаясь сохранить свои позиции и возможность зарабатывать на войне, - политолог

Accusing the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lyovochkin and other supporters of the implementation of the Minsk agreements is that they are working for the Kremlin, “the war party” is trying to maintain its position in power and the ability to earn in the war. This was stated by Director of the Institute of Ukrainian politics Kost Bondarenko, commenting on media publications that allegedly promotes Levochkin in the French media of “Pro-Russian opinion” on the Minsk agreement, write “Ukrainian news”.

“The so-called “party of war” will inevitably lose positions of power in the case of implementation of the Minsk agreements and restoring peace. Therefore, the power in General today, is trying not to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and to delay their implementation. And anyone who stands for the Minsk agreement, they are accused of working for the Kremlin. Thus, the “war party” is trying to maintain its position and the opportunity to earn the war,” said Kost Bondarenko.

“As for the article-the blog of Sergey Levochkin, which appeared last week in the French edition of the Huffington Post, its main idea, the Minsk agreements should be fulfilled, because they can lead to the restoration of peace in Ukraine. It is clear that any message aimed at trying to truly implement the Minsk agreement, and not to imitate their implementation is perceived by the so-called party of war in the Ukrainian government hostility. And since “war party” is today incomparably greater access to information resources than a “party of peace”, the thesis of the supporters of the Minsk agreements as the agents of the Kremlin are trying to impose on the whole society”, – explained the analyst.

Recall that in some media articles appeared about that by the MP from the Opposition bloc Sergiy Lyovochkin in the blog in the French version of the Huffington Post “is promoting in the French media’s Pro-Russian opinion on the Minsk agreement”.