War with Huawei. Why trump has introduced a regime of emergency

Война с Huawei. Почему Трамп ввел режим ЧС

The us government has blacklisted Chinese Telecom company.

The US President Donald trump has signed the decree about introduction in the country of state of emergency for the protection of communication networks, “paving the way” for the ban on doing business with the Chinese company Huawei.

Soon the us Department of Commerce announced the decision to include Huawei, and 70 associated companies in the black list, which will complicate or make impossible the sale of some products Huawei as the company depends on suppliers from the USA.

States accused Huawei of stealing technology, spying and selling us parts to Iran despite sanctions against that country.

Washington also is pressuring the allies to not allow Huawei to build next generation networks 5G on-site. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Huawei banned

Washington leads the investigation against Chinese companies since April of this year for violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.

December 1, in Canada, in the U.S. arrested a top Manager and daughter of the founder of Huawei Meng Wanzhou. In the company, she served as CFO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The United States has accused Wanzhou concealing business ties with Huawei company Skycom, which has business operations in Iran. Detail in the material China meets the world arrests. Currently, the man in Canada awaiting extradition.

May 15, trump has signed the decree about introduction in the United States a state of emergency for the protection of communication networks.

As stated by the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, trump made clear that his administration is doing everything possible for the prosperity of the United States and protection from enemies, “which increasingly create and exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure and services in the field of information and communication technologies”.

The decree trump allows you to block transactions between U.S. companies and their foreign suppliers.

Reuters writes that he has been preparing specifically for the ban on Huawei equipment in the US. The decree was prepared during the year, but its implementation was postponed because of trade negotiations with Beijing.

After the entry of the decree Huawei will need to obtain permission from the US government to buy American technology.

War with Huawei. Canadian in China sentenced to death

Now the Huawei ban in the U.S. applies only to public institutions. In August last year, trump also banned government departments to use the equipment and another Chinese company – ZTE.

After a few hours, US Department of Commerce announced the decision to include Huawei, and 70 associated companies in black list.


The Answer Is China

In Beijing, a measure praised as “the abuse of public power”, as Chinese President XI Jinping warned against the dangers of racism in international relations.

“If someone believes that his race or civilization is superior to others, and insists that everyone else must change or disappear, then it’s a stupid idea that can have catastrophic consequences,” said si.

He has called to salvation and the promotion of harmonious dialogue between different countries. In the example of the President of China led the initiative of the new silk road.

The day before trump said he did not consider arose between Beijing and Washington, the problems are significant. On Twitter, the U.S. leader wrote about his “infinite respect” to the Chinese head, but stressed that he agreed only “to the deal, which would be terrific for US.”

Last week passed a new round of trade negotiations, which ended with trump’s decision to impose duties on all goods from China.

However, the President of the United States does not consider them a failure and until the date of application of this measure has not yet been reported.

Beijing responded by raising tariffs on $ 60 billion of American exports, and the state media launched a campaign denouncing the behavior of the United States saying that China is “people’s trade war.”

As noted by the sources of the newspaper South China Morning Post in Beijing, in this round of tariff war, China for the first time had to resort to the exceptions, that is, to start issuing exemptions from tariffs the Chinese firms that are heavily dependent on U.S. components and will go bankrupt from retaliatory action Beijing.


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