Warming is forcing polar bears to swim for many days without rest

Потепление заставляет белых медведей плавать много дней без отдыха

Polar bear

The rapid melting of ice is forcing polar bears to increasingly move by swimming in search of a place of residence.

Because of melting ice polar bears have to make a long journey on the water, found by biologists from the University of Alberta.

Scientists watched hundreds of polar bears and found – when the ice begins to melt, the animals are able to make a 9-day trip across the ocean in search of a more suitable place of residence.

According to the researchers, such a long journey is harmful to polar bears: journeys across the ocean, they almost do not eat and do not rest. In an average week-long trip, the animal loses to 22% fat.

Often to find a new home, the bears travel with their pups. So, in 2009 during a 9-day trip was killed one-year-old polar bear.

Polar bears in the United States and Canada die from hunger – scientists

Recall, environmentalists warn about the complete disappearance of polar bears in 10 years.

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