Was naprstkova: a hat-trick, turned into the destruction of

Напраздновался: хет-трик, превратившийся в удаление

Dresevic applauding his goal

Defender of the Swedish club Norby, Copper Dresevic, has got a very stupid deleting immediately after celebrating the goal.

Yesterday in Sweden took place matches of the next round to the third Swedish division. The championship, which is no interest from anyone except ardent fans of their teams, for one day turned into one of the most popular. And all this thanks to the extravagant, not to say strange act of one of the players.

The confrontation between the teams Norby and Tweaker ended with the victory of the first with the score 6:1. A significant contribution to such a devastating victory made a Central defender of winners – Copper Dresevic.

24-year-old Beck, who scored over the previous seasons only one goal in the match scored a hat-trick. The joy of the Swede after the third goal scored so great that goal, he decided to celebrate with fervor. The player ran into the stands, sat down, and began himself to applaud.

Back on the field, Dresevic saw a yellow card which became for the second player in the match. Thus, the protector, the indignation which knew no bounds, has received one of the most stupid disqualifications in the history of football.

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