Was wanted, was in the army. Who killed Boronenkov

Был в розыске, попал в армию. Кто убил Вороненкова

What is known about Paul Pardave who killed ex-Deputy of Russia in the center of Kiev.

Denis Boronenkov, the fugitive Deputy of the State Duma of Russia was murdered in Kiev, the Ukrainian Pavel Parsow.

The killer had served in the National guard, but the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko calls him an agent of the Kremlin.

Correspondent.net gathered all known information about Parchive.


Pavel Parsow born in 1988 born in Sevastopol, lived in the river.

Since 2011 Parsow was in the criminal investigation for crimes under article 205 and 209 of the criminal code of Ukraine – fictitious entrepreneurship and legalization of income obtained by criminal means.

Был в розыске, попал в армию. Кто убил Вороненкова


According to the newspaper “the Country.sa” Parsow was the founder of several companies in the Dnieper river and Odessa, who were involved in “money laundering”.

Parsow part of a group of persons who in 2006 decided to organize a network of fictitious companies to provide construction services and procurement of agricultural products. Cash had planned to cash checks for the purchase of building materials and agricultural products. Received cash transferred to customers after deduction of interest.

Documented the purchase of products carried out on behalf of other firms.

According to the investigation, Parsow possessed the skills to hand and ensure the safety of transport of money and also has registered companies in his name. In particular, it was designed by the company “Company Password” that are still not ceased their activities.

The national guard

Being wanted Parsow was able to enter military service in the National guard.

In August 2015, he was enrolled in the lists of personnel in/h 3057 National guard of Ukraine. In August of 2016 from the national guard, he quit.

It is known that in the summer of 2015, he served in the battalion “Donbass” in Mariupol. It is reported portal 0629.

Call Paul Barsova was “boxer”. According to colleagues, he was kind, and was related to the organization of “defense Veliko of Ukraine”.

Was recruited?

Anton Gerashchenko claims that Parsow in my life never traveled outside Ukraine. But in February 2015, has crossed the Ukrainian border, crossing on foot through one of the checkpoints on the border with Belarus.

“In Russia, where he stayed before getting to Ukraine, he passed a course of special training school for spies established in the days of the Stalinist NKVD,” – said Gerashchenko.

It is argued that Parchowo was tasked to infiltrate one of the units of the armed forces or the national guard, preferably with a big name in the public consciousness and to pretend that he was an ordinary soldier.

“Healthy, strong young man, a citizen of Ukraine, successfully completed the task of the Russian special services, and the year served in one of the units of the National Guard. In the fighting did not participate,” – said Gerashchenko.

Agents everywhere?

How to get into the National guard, being wanted, is not clear.

Gerashchenko said that now the hard revision will undergo the validation criteria for admission to the APU, the National guard and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on the subject of possible participation in the work of the security services of the Russian Federation.

The Kremlin has expressed hope that the statements in Kiev in connection with the murder Boronenkov, “will not become a reason for serious investigation of this crime”.