Ways of buying a car

Способы покупки авто

Today the car is becoming more and more affordable for the common man. And no, it is not about cost – affordable cars existed before.

Remember – more recently available machine was a synonym for something very simple and sometimes primitive. So simple that the owner was obliged to go into the device of your car and its design features. Today cars all start looking like on gadgets, like a mobile phone. Reliable engines, automatic transmissions, power accessories. As they say, sat down and went.

And, of course, the temptation to join the world of such a simple modern car. Agree, the machine in modern life – not just a means of transportation. This is a helper in many pressing issues and the more I use it the more you appreciate it. And after a long selection you find “the” car. The time to act!

Of course, the best option is to come to the showroom for a new car. But to pay a one-time large amount of can afford not everyone. You can go to the market, but this is a high risk to buy a pig in a poke – you never know what you can run?

Other options? Bank loan. Convenient and reliable, but it is worth considering the overpayment and what to obtain the credit for car purchase is difficult. Requirements to borrowers at each Bank’s strict – his official income, credit history, what, where and how he acquires. And given the economic troubles, few people want to associate themselves with great credit. And here may come another way of buying a new car.

Is the purchase of cars in groups. Such a service exist in the world for a long time, first appeared more than 80 years ago. In Ukraine this method is offered since 1998. The point is simple: from people wanting to buy new cars, the group is formed. Each of the members of this group pays monthly contributions, which purchased the vehicles, which are then alternately distributed among the participants. It remains only to regularly pay their contributions and to go on a new car! In turn, the contributions of the participants with cars will go to the “piggy Bank” cars to the following parties, etc. It allows customers to not spend a lot of money, and to avoid large overpayments. Don’t have to go into debt, to sell assets, take out loans and spend the money saved for a vacation.

Of course, this method has its own characteristics. But at the same time, you become the owner of a new car, which long dreamed of!

The purchase of cars in groups has been around for many years, and during that time this way of shopping has confidently proved its viability. More than 46 500 program participants became owners of brand new cars. And you too can become a client of the program “AVTOFOND”, and therefore a happy owner of your dream vehicle!

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