We don’t rewrite their history, and just trying to write it

Мы не переписываем свою историю, а лишь пытаемся ее написать

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Peoples without a state, Hegel called the “unhistorical”. One of them were Ukrainians. Not because I don’t have their own past, and not even because had their own view of the past. But because in the opinion of others, “historical”, was not entitled to is own opinion.

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Ukrainians ‘ place in history was determined by other peoples, in particular those, who did everything possible so that they remain a stateless people. Or so they just disappeared in the past (“there was never such a people”), or depicted eccentric/dakovacki relatives of their “historic” neighbors.

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And finally at the end of the twentieth century the Ukrainians got their own state and began to assert their right to his view on his past. This raises the indignation of those that had previously defined our place in them “committed” schemes, after all, shows their imperfection.

From the East the charges are heard in the “rewriting” of history, from West rush dirty “revisionism”.

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Although we do not rewrite their own history, and, finally having access to sources, just trying to write it.

Volodymyr Viatrovych

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