We tried to play: what did the players of the national team of Ukraine after the victory in Finland

Мы старались играть: что говорили игроки сборной Украины после победы в Финляндии

We present to your attention review of the players of the national team of Ukraine after the victory over team Finland.

After victory over Finland football team of Ukraine noted that the first half the team failed, but in the end well, that all ended in victory. Three points are extracted, and the game will be forgotten.

Andriy Yarmolenko

We made it difficult to win. However, as they say, the game is forgotten, and the result is. For me, it’s completely suitable for today’s match.

In the first half? Terrible. Played whatever it is. The second was better, we realized that if we can’t win this match, I fight for the qualification for the 2018 world Cup will be senseless. Included fighting qualities and fought for the country and for the result. I think fans should not blame us for the dedication.

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Yevhen Konoplyanka

When I almost gave an assist to Pukki, I wanted to translate. His players saw it, but I went to the support leg. Good that it was all over – I lost at this moment on the kilos, I guess.

The mood in the team is excellent. Maybe get together a team after the match, now the bus will be solved.

Artem Besedin

There was a lot of struggle, but in the second half dropped the ball down and start to get something. Brought the match to its logical conclusion and in a good mood going home.

I went out, when we were winning 1-0. My task, as the attacker had to go to battle with the defenders to keep the ball. How scored? Somewhere Chuikov. Well, I’m a striker must score goals. Felt, where you have to find yourself.

The first goal for the national team? This is probably the most pleasant that can be. Most importantly, I did not disappoint those people who called me in here and entrusted a place on the field

Yevhen Seleznyov

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Most importantly, we eventually managed to take the three points. We are very happy that we won. The devil — well, slapped! I congratulate all with the victory.

In the first half, did not really work. Why? It’s hard to say. It’s hard to comment on the match because emotions prevail. During the break, Andrei special reprimand are not satisfied, we knew that to win we need a lot more than the Finns.

Ruslan Malinovskiy

After my shock, rivals saved by the goalkeeper. Well that Jack was in the right place and scored. After the goal we conceded such a ridiculous response, but, fortunately, quickly scored the second goal and brought to a logical conclusion of this match.

We tried to play but the pitch was not the best quality, even though it poured before the game. The most important thing at this stage is the three points, which we did. Let’s move on.

On the first plan the game out and character and fighting qualities. Us Andrey is well set up for this game. Much he spoke and for the match against Malta that need to be rehabilitated before the fans, before the whole Ukraine. Today the main thing was the result, and the quality of the games will come.

Taras Stepanenko:

It was clear that the Finns dismantled our game. They very properly rebuilt and practically put us under pressure at the exit of the defense. They tried to go to pressing in the center of the field, as there were formed zones — we were located widely. In this phase we have not worked.

It was hard on the wing for our players. In the first half we did not really work. In the second half, we were prompted to run in behind the Central defenders, and we have quite well at it.

Mykola Matvienko

The first half of the match was very “careful” on our part. In the second half, we realized that we need to do something. We started playing more relaxed, and eventually it resulted in victory.

Scored the first goal and relaxed. Tried to control the game, but missed a very curious goal. After that again started to press and managed to bring the meeting to a victory.

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